Son of the Bride of Chakki


Thanks to all of you that wrote me on my email address regarding the chakki recipe. The comments option was/is temporarily out of order.

The reason I had not heard of the recipe is that chakki is not the real spelling. These delicious, crunchy savoury spirals are known as chaklichaakli in the Marathi language (or chakkuli) and chakri in Gujarati

Throughout India they are known by a whole lot of other different names as well, acccording to the region, likemurukumurukku, or murkoo in Tamil and Telugu, for instance. When stored in a sealed container they last for a long time.

Ok, I still haven’t got a recipe to share with you, but I am sure there will be one coming my way soon. And a request to Steve, my blog facilitator: please remove the bar on comments. Thank you.

Posted by Kurma on 22/1/09; 6:51:10 AM

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