Return to Sticky Rice

The Sticky Rice Cookery School in the Adelaide Hills hosted me again last weekend. Here’s some photos of the event. Thanks to team member Nicole for snapping the pix on her mobile phone.

Nitai and I do some last minute contemplation before the class commences.

some quiet time:

Some early arrivals gather their class notes.

checking class notes:

One of our huge male crew {sorry, I forgot your name} rubs in the ghee to the flour to make our samosa dough. Almost half the class were men! That’s a record.

samosa dough time:

The spuds are being peeled in preparation for the samosa making.

peel dem spuds:

Some vital ingredients for our Indian Shared Table.

spice tray:

Fruit being cut for our fresh mango chutney.

cutting mango:

Nitai has a go at stirring the carrot halava.

Nitai has a go:

We’ve made the samosa dough and the filling. Now it’s time to roll the dough into balls, cut them and fill them.

let's get those samosa happening:

Deeply absorbed in the cooking events…

team sticky rice:

Kitchen alchemy in progress.

let's get spicy:

The idli batter is carefully spooned into the 4-tier steamer.

time for idli:

At last – we sit and have our entree – idli, sambar and coconut chutney.

Sticky Rice Lunchtime:

Come and join us in April at Sticky Rice for a brand new menu.

Posted by Kurma on 28/1/09; 7:36:47 AM

Comments in response to this post:
Kurma, it was such a fun day! Thank you again! I loved the venue and how well organised everything was, and indeed, it was such a nice group of people with a surprising mix of backgrounds and interests in cooking. I’ll be back in April 🙂

Nicole • 29/1/09; 9:59:15 AM


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