Opening Night: The Cook and The Chef

Kurma's Saffron Halava:

If you missed tonight’s ABC1 TV episode of The Cook and The Chef, dedicated to vegetarian cooking (with a 3-minute section on me), you can see it repeated again next Saturday at 11.30am (provided you live in Australia).

Simon cooked one of my recipes – Saffron, Cardamom, Flaked Almond and Sultana Semolina Halava.

If you want to watch the episode in your own time, especially if you live overseas, you can download the complete episode via WMV, MP4, or Vodcast.

Warm thanks to producer Mark Stanforth and crew, to Simon and to Maggie. I’m very happy with how it all turned out. What did you think?

Posted by Kurma on 4/3/09; 9:18:04 PM

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