One Living Being is Food for Another

carrot girl:

M from Canada writes:

“Someone asked me why I am a vegetarian. They said that plants make noise when trimming or pulling them and even though animals have life they said that even greens and vegetables have life too. So they ask why don’t I stop eating greens and vegetables as well. What kind of answer would you give this person? I want to see if its close to my answer.”

Kurma replies:

Yes, vegetables are alive, and despite the fact that they have no central nervous system, if you kill the whole plant then you have murdered. “Jivo Jivasya Jivanam”: One living entity is food for another in this cruel world, so the thoughtful, compassionate, wise and sensitive man/woman learns to minimise the killing as far as practical.

Visit a slaughter house, listen for the gushing blood, smell the terror, see the animals writhing in pain, and hear the screams. Then go pick some carrots in the bright sun.

Compare the experience.

This type of question is posed by argumentative, narrow-minded meat-loving people who have no intention of being convinced by you, so there is hardly any point in arguing with them. Best wishes, Kurma

Posted by Kurma on 22/4/09; 6:08:20 AM

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