New Year’s Evolution

New Year’s Evolution

Posted by Kurma on 2/1/09; 8:12:09 PM


Not Much Going On

Posted by Kurma on 1/1/09; 1:09:43 PM

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Its just the first day of the year. Relax, I am sure you will think of something. On a spiritual note why not write about a devotee’s kitchen; A Day in a Devotee’s Kitchen. It will be a cultural treat for all and a good start for the year. Think about it! Haribol!

Sudakaran Sangaran • 1/1/09; 8:24:46 PM #
I like that idea! A day in a devotee’s kitchen. Definitely an auspicious way to start the year.

Alan • 2/1/09; 2:11:06 AM #
I think you should just retire and redirect your readers to my blog 😉

devadeva dasi • 2/1/09; 9:47:03 AM #
Happy to report the same from Melbourne. However, I did organise my pantry and noticed that I need to stock up on more Asafoetida! Kurma, thank you for the inspiration and enjoyment that your blog provided me during 2008. Wishing you and yours peace and happiness throughout 2009. Arrigo Dorissa.

Arrigo Dorissa • 2/1/09; 6:14:58 PM #
Happy New Year
a happy new year:

Wishing all my readers a happy, peaceful and productive new year. Thanks for all your support.

Posted by Kurma on 1/1/09; 6:04:13 AM

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