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Mario from St Andrews, NSW, wrote more on cutting boards:

“I read with great interest you opinion on wooden cutting boards in “Backblog # 1 Wooden Versus Plastic Cutting Boards“.

I can still remember the debate in butcher shops because they were forced to throw away the old wooden chopping blocks and buy new plastic ones. As it happenned, chemicals had to be used extensively to sterilize these new blocks. Not long after the decision had to be reversed because it was found that wood, even years after being cut from the tree, still retained its natural ability to neutralize bacteria.

A useful experiment, although a bit wasteful, is to place a piece of home made paneer on a wooden board and one on a plastic board. Put them out of reach of children and leave them for a week. Interesting results:

The panir on the plastic board becomes quite slimey and unpleasant looking and smelling while the second piece on the wooden board starts to harden with a small amount of growth which resembles normal cheese production.”
Posted by Kurma on 15/10/09; 11:04:06 AM from the dept.

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