Let Them Eat Yellowcake

I’m off to the desert for the weekend. Can you pick this spot?


Didn’t think so. This is ‘outback Australia’, about 550 kilometres north of Adelaide, near the small mining town of Roxby Downs.

Roxby Downs is best known for Olympic Dam, Australia’s largest uranium mine. Not surprisingly, it’s a rather controversial town, especially as the Australian government plans to expand its uranium mining program. A few months ago, BHP Biliton announced it intends to make Olympic Dam the world’s “pre-eminent supplier of uranium”.

the middle of nowhere:

So, what brings me to such an isolated spot? To teach of course! I will be flying to Adelaide, then north to Olympic Dam, and presenting a couple of cookery classes in the Home Economics classrooms of the local Roxby Downs high school.

Stay tuned for a radioactive report!
Posted by Kurma on 8/10/09; 7:08:47 AM

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