Le Carnaval Spirituel

I visited Le Carnaval Spirituel on Wednesday night at the Bondi Pavilion Theatre. Here’s a mini photgraphic report.

This is Sivanjali from Moscow’s Rasika Dance Company performing some traditional Bharat Natyam Classical Indian Dance.

bharata natyam 1:

The four-headed Lord Brahma makes an appearance in a scene from the contemporary stylized drama of the great Indian spiritual classic Bhagavad-gita.

four-headed brahma:

Sanatani with more classical Indian dance.

bharata natyam 2:

Some more of Sivanjali and Sanatani with some Kantipuri dance.


The Shyam Dance, a Rajasthani village folk dance celebrates our search for connection with the Divine Couple.

radha krishna:

The tribal drummers of Manipur were a sensation.

tribal drums:

The drum act was breathtakingly acrobatic.

Manipur dance:

After the show, the leader of the troupe Indradyumna Swami poses with my Dad, who thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

Maharaja and Dad:

If you live in Sydney and want to attend some more concerts, they’ll be in Randwick this weekend, then Mona Vale, Manly, Cronulla, Newtown, Balmain and Leichardt.

Le Carnaval Spirituel will also be performing at other New South Wales venues, and in Queensland.

For all the venue details…
Posted by Kurma on 18/12/09; 7:25:00 AM

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