Kitchen Buddies

kitchen buddies:

This is my dear friend Shanti Parayana, who was my ‘main man’ in the kitchen last week when we prepared our special feast for 800 at the North Sydney Here Krishna Temple.

Shanti came to one of my very first cookery classes in Melbourne in 1980, became a regular devotee and has spent many a long day helping me in the kitchen since then.

Shanti divides his time between the holy city of Sridham Mayapur (West Bengal), and Eastern Europe.

in Mrzezyno:

Here’s Shanti and myself in our (bright orange) tent kitchen at the conclusion of my 17 classes on the Festival of India Tour 3 years ago in Mrzezyno, Poland. From left to right: Next to Shanti is Mirek from Czech Republic, Magda my translator from Poland, and Ganga from Siberia.

Posted by Kurma on 21/3/09; 6:38:22 AM

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