Having a Halava Good Time

Here’s another Christmas dinner idea – this time a dessert – inspired by some recent correspondence.

halava cakes:

SB from Tucson, Arizona writes:

“Here’s a question about Halava: At the Krishna Temple here in Tucson they serve a Halava Dessert in little squares. My question is how is that done? I tried one time putting the halava in ice cube trays and putting them in the fridge to firm up…but that did not seem to work to well. What’s the secret?”

My reply:

The secret is to make sure there is sufficient liguid in the halava to start with. Two parts liquid to one part semolina, and then a good splash more. Then you need to cook it beyond the ‘coming away from the side of the pot’ stage, that is, after the syrup has been combined with the toasted grains, cook it over low heat until it is fairly stiff.

Have a buttered tray already waiting and immediately spoon out the boiling, firm halava into it. Spread it evenly, quickly smooth with a buttered spatula, maybe press chopped nuts or coconut on top. Finally cut it into squares when cool. The photo above is a chocolate halava with almonds and pistachios.

greek-style halava:

In Greece and Turkey they pour the well cooked-down semolina halava into buttered moulds and then turn them out for serving, as above. They look very attractive. Any dishes, bowls or specially designed containers will work. Happy halava-ing!!

ps: here’s a fabulous recipe for halava…

pps: here’s more about halava…
Posted by Kurma on 12/12/09; 7:05:47 AM

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