Govardhana Hill


“With many charming jewel boulders, the mountain named Govardhana offers a sitting place for Lord Krsna. With the cooing of many birds Govardhana offers Lord Krsna a welcome. With its swiftly flowing streams filled with lotus flowers, durva grass, and syamaka seeds, Govardhana offers padya. With limitless new shoots of darbha grass growing near deer-hoofprint puddles, Govardhana offers arghya.

With ponds where jati, lavanga and kakkola grow on the shores Govardhana offers acamaniya. With fresh, fresh, fresh, yoghurt, ghee, and honey Govardhana offers madhuparka. With water from a clear spring at its summit Govardhana offers bathing water.

With golden tree bark, fine like silk, Govardhana offers garments. With fragrant powders, sandal paste, and red and white minerals Govardhana offers fragrant ointment. With blooms of malati vines and other vines Govardhana offers pleasing flowers.

With the dust raised by the surabhi cows hooves Govardhana offers incense. With the glistening of its many jewels Govardhana offers a glittering lamp even in the daytime. With charming gunja, peacock feathers, clusters of flowers, and many other pleasing objects, Govardhana offers ornaments.

With pleasing fruits and roots Govardhana offers delicious meals. With cool flower-scented water mixed with fragrant and pure tulasi leaves Govardhana offers water to rinse the mouth. With campaka flowers and other glorious blooming flowers moving in the gentle breeze Govardhana offers arati.

With budding nakula flowers and other trees Govardhana offers a graceful parasol. With blooming branches moving in the breezes from the Malaya Hills, Govardhana offers the service of fanning Lord Krsna. With the dancing of the cooing peacocks Govardhana offers a festival of dancing.

When, attracted by Krsna’s flute music carried by the breeze, a gopi comes, Govardhana prepares a soft couch of flowers. With the cuckoos’ cooing Govardhana makes sweet singing. Gazing at Lord Krsna and performing these services to please Him, Govardhana Hill confirms his reputation as the best of the Lord’s servants.”

(from Sri Gopala-campu, 1.77)
Posted by Kurma on 19/10/09; 9:04:44 AM

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