Fade to Green

The day before the Sydney dust storm coated everything in my garden with red dust, I took some photos of my spring flush of home-grown things. Here’s a sampling:

I’m experimentiing with growing strawberries in pots. Yes, it may still be cheaper to buy them in the fruit shop, but growing your own fruits and vegetables is a satisfying pastime.

experimental berries:

I pruned my Yellow Habanero and Red Savina chili plants from last season and they have sprung back with a dense flush of new foliage, and are starting to flower again. Also, at the next most appropriate lunar planting time (October 1, 2 and 3) I will sow a variety of seeds (chilispurple beans, and peas) into starter trays.

the return of Mr C:

My silverbeet (Swiss chard to American readers) just keeps on growing new leaves. The more I pick them the more they grow back. Nature’s abundance. And my sage has returned with fresh new leaves.

flush of green:

I planted some tiny-leaf wild rocket. Dainty and delicious.

wild rocket:

A new item in my garden, snow peas, are snuggled in a warm brick-lined corner which gets morning sun. They’re ready to start climbing.

snow peas:

I pruned the handsome pink hydrangea bush as per instructions and it is growing back strong and healthy.


My spearmint is fresh and aromatic.


The streets of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs will soon be fragrant and sweet with the heady, Chanel number 5 + vanilla aroma of Chinese Star Jasmine. Our vine is budding in profusion.

Chinese Star Jasmine:

The first yield of Kumquats has yielded 6 jars of marmalade. It had a problem with little white worms inside the fruits. And brown-edged leaves – any ideas, gardeners out there? Let’s see what the second flush brinds.

baby kumquats:

Creamy gardenias will soon bloom from their tender erect buds.


The last of the miniature purple orchids are standing proud.

miniature orchids:

A beautiful pointy-ended spinach is also flourishing in a giant pot. I pick a few leaves daily and throw them in salads.

beautiful spinach:

That’s the round up of Kurma’s Spring garden.

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