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I just spent one insane week with a Facebook account. I just terminated it. It is just too much for me to maintain. Life is complex enough. I am still here, on my blog. And especially here in Sydney, the real me.

If you google “kurma facebook” you will find a well-meaning but unauthorised fan club, “Kurma Dasa (The Most Famous Vegan/Vegetarian Cook)” that I had no part of, and was never even consulted about. And I’m not a Vegan. You are welcome to be one of my ‘friends’ there, but I won’t be reciprocating, sorry. How can I maintain a friendship with 705 people I have never met?

The world of online interactions has gotten way too over-the-top for me. I may have one million so-called ‘friends’, but I’d rather have one real-life friend than so many ‘friends’ I don’t even know. How thin can one be spread anyway? Friendship is not that cheap for me, sorry.

There, I’ve had my grumble. Call me old-fashioned, a grinch, a grouch, whatever. I’m back to a simple website and blog. Take it or leave it.

Posted by Kurma on 11/4/09; 3:14:48 PM

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