Dal Makhani


I receive many requests for makhani recipes. In Punjabi cuisine, the word makhani literally means ‘with butter’. There are many versions, some with panir cheese, some with dal, and often with cream added.

Here’s a letter I just received from Malin in Sweden:

“Hello Kurma, I’ve been a fan of your recipes for quite some time and I do hope that one day I get the opportunity to join in one of your cooking classes on one of my trips to Australia.

But for now, I am in Sweden, and my current challenge is to find the correct dal to use for dal makhani. Would you be able to explain which one it is, what it looks like or even better, post a picture? A recipe would of course also be appreciated! Many Thanks!”

My reply:

Dear Malin, thanks for your letter. Urad dal and rajma (red kidney beans) are the traditional ingredients for dal makhani. I have not published a recipe, but fellow vegetarian cookery teacher Manjula has a nice simple recipe on YouTube. Happy cooking!

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