Clearing my Inner Cobwebs

madhura mridanga bhaje:

My son Nitai and I are in Melbourne for a cookery class this Sunday at the famous Gopals Restaurant.

Today, partly as a way of empowerment for my task ahead, and partly because it’s fun, I attended the awesome sunrise chanting session in the gloriously beautiful onyx and marble-clad inner sanctum of the Hare Krishna Temple.

I grabbed the (albeit dodgy, flat) drum and the microphone, as one does, and sang my heart out. The boys were there with their recording devices, so I thought I’d invite you to sing-along with Kurma..

(ps click on the microphone icon – it may take a minute).
(pps slip on your dancing socks).

Posted by Kurma on 28/2/09; 6:10:46 PM

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