Circle of Life #7: True Colours

There are hundreds of chilies slowly ripening on my eight large bushes. The four smaller plants are a bit behind their big brothers. I think because they don’t receive a lot of morning sun, but rather noon to 4pm sun, they are ripening slowly. Perhaps that’s speculation. Anyway, I am in no hurry.

hello habanero!:

It appears they are either Yellow HabanerosNew Mexico Suave Yellow Habaneros, or maybe Red Savinas (if they go red). We shall see. I cut one off a week ago and tried it while still green. Blisteringly hot!!

lettuce, pray:

My mixed lettuce is growing amazingly fast. Some display a rusty tinge, since that is their natural complexion. They are planted very close together, so I decided to thin them out by pulling up small plants when I need them, allowing the rest to grow large and then picking leaf by leaf.

rocket, man:

And as for my rocket – well – it’s just shooting up, like….a rocket. I can hardly pick it fast enough. Neither my dad nor my son really enjoy it’s bitterness, so it’s just me. The leaves are very large (as opposed to the wild rocket leaves, which are tiny), so a few eaten raw with every meal really gets the digestion moving. We don’t eat enough bitter herbs, so I feel blessed to be able to go out and pick them on demand. Such are the joys of the home garden.

Posted by Kurma on 23/3/09; 1:08:03 PM

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