Circle of Life #6: New Folks in Town

There’s some new folks in my garden. One of my small chili plants that I had given up as a basket case suddenly sprung to life last week. It must have doubled its height in a week and is now offering yet another chili variety.

new folks in town:

These folks are black or purple. I consulted my geneaological table. They could be Aussie BlacksRoyal Blacks, or ChocolateTasmanian, or Lava Drop Habaneros. I’ll be keeping a close eye on them.

howdy stranger:

And yet another variety – these ones are square-bodied like a baby bell pepper. Rocoto, perhaps?

spring lettuce:

I planted some spring lettuce – 3 varieties – 7 days ago. They are already hale and hearty. I’ll be thinning them out soon (sob). And I’m saving the best till last:

Big Fellas:

These are most certainly Habaneros of some variety. The slight flush on the cheeks of some makes me think perhaps YellowNew Mexico Suave or Red Savinas. I wrote and sent pics to the Chili Godfather John Leone (no, not Corleone), he who originally gave me the chilies from whence these have descended, and he will advise me as soon as they are ripe.

Posted by Kurma on 6/3/09; 8:36:12 AM

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