Circle of Life #5: “My, How You’ve Grown!”

As a mother of one teenage suicide-bomber was overheard saying to another: “It’s just amazing how quickly they blow-up these days…” Ok, sorry, very poor taste.

So we’ll get back to the topic: My chilies. There are hundreds of flowers and fruits bursting out on my 6 main plants, and the most profuse are these variety.

My how you've grown!:

According to my total list of 35 possibilities, I am starting to think they could be either Manzano Red or OrangeBurkina Scotch BonnetBishop’s Crown, or any of the Habaneros like ChocolateRed Savina, or Costa Rica. Time will tell!

Posted by Kurma on 23/2/09; 9:49:17 AM

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