Circle of Life #4: In The Family Way

My chili plants are growing wonderfully. This is my showcase specimen. Lots of rain showers this week has ensured a moist soil without the need to water.

my, how you've grown:

Warmer weather ahead will cause the literally hundreds of buds on my 8 main plants to flower and fruit quickly. It seems I have two varieties, but time will tell.

family way:

At this stage, it’s hard for me to discern the variety in fruit at the moment. Many chilies start off looking like this. Check the total list of 35 possibilities and see if you can guess. I am tending towards the Bequinhos from Brazil. But as the fruits grow, their true nature will become evident.

who am I:

By the way, I casually threw some black mustard seeds in a circle in my planter box. They sprouted in a couple of days. Succulent mustard greens grow very fast indeed.

mustard greens:

I can use them in soups or dals or salads, or just dig them back in to the soil to enrich it with mega doses of nitrogen. Gardening is so much fun, even in a tiny space.

Posted by Kurma on 12/2/09; 11:43:05 AM

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