Circle of Life #3: Hey Baby!

The biggest of my chili plants is with child! We had a few days of tremendous heat and then lots of electrical storms and rain. Seems that’s just what was needed. I counted ten flower buds on this plant.

with child:

I am sure many more will be popping out soon. If you look left and right of the main bud in the central section of the ultrasound below, you can see more buds. I’m pacing the patio, handing out carob cigars. Well, I guess I shouldn’t count my chilies before they’re hatched. Still, the biggest excitement is knowing which variety they are.

chillies ahoy:

Anyway, the new babies will be in good company. In my new giant white pots I have a whole lot of other baby herbs literally bursting with health. Most of these plants, like my miniature continental parsley, were planted as established babies rather than grown from seed.

doing the continental:

Here in Australia the greens below are called silverbeet, and there’s a few varieties in this little patch. Hopefully I’ll be able to go out and pick leaves when I need them.

the beet goes on:

Basil! Juicy and fragrant new arrivals at my Botanical Fawlty Towers.

new arrival in fawlty towers:

I was happy to find a healthy young lemongrass plant at the markets the other day. He’s now standing straight and tall.

hey man, check out the new grass:

With home gardening, it’s not so much about the results as it is the journey. Maybe it would be cheaper to buy fresh herbs, but growing your own is so much more fun.

Posted by Kurma on 27/1/09; 3:31:13 PM

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