Circle of Life #13: A Garden Reverie

Maybe all that capsaicin has affected my brain, but while I was chanting peacefully in the garden this afternoon I could have sworn my plants were trying to communicate with me.

Marjorie Marjoram rustled her leaves indignantly in the breeze as if to complain, “Hmmmff! Those bigshot chilies are always the centre of attention.”

Call me Marj:

Chào anh!” whispered the handsome pointy-leaved Vietnamese Mint, perhaps to remind me he was still there. The famous laksa herb had almost dried up in envy until a good dose of TLC and plant food revived him from death’s door a few weeks ago.

Vietnamese Mint:

The closely-knit silverbeet community (swiss chard) creaked their crunchy red and white stalks as if to capture my attention. “Yes I know”, I whispered re-assuringly, “I haven’t forgotten you. You’re on the menu tomorrow with chickpeas and fresh panir”.

Eat your greens:

All the while, a smug quartet of late-blooming Red Savina’s swayed ever-so-slightly, confident that their offspring would soon make headline news on Kurma’s Blog. “No qué usted sabe“, they seemed to say just loud enough to be heard by all the other plants, “pero quién usted sabe.”

late bloomers:

Posted by Kurma on 18/4/09; 4:20:03 PM

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