Circle of Life #12: Body Parts

Freddy from Santa Fe, New Mexico writes:

“Hey there Kurma, love your chili story! Have been following it from when those were little seedlings. I love growing chilies, and New Mexico is a great place to do it. Red Savinas rock!”

Nice for a little feedback. You may be wondering what I am planning to do with all those magnificent chilies, being that no-one else in the house can eat much chili, and even if they could, I reckon one Red Savina could spice up a dish for 100 people. Remember, Red Savinas are 65 times hotter than jalapenos.

Well, the four I picked and halved the other day have been recycled for spare parts.

Body Parts:

The seeds: I put on double rubber gloves, scraped out their innards (the seeds + placental tissue) and popped that on an uncovered saucer in the fridge. Refrigerators do a great job of drying out things. In a week or so I’ll be able to rub off the seeds, wrap them in paper towel, dessicate them a little more before placing them in a sealed labelled envelope, ready for planting next season.

The chili flesh: After taking out the insides of the chilies, I placed the flesh on some foil on a pizza tray in a 50 degree C oven and held them there for 14 hours. The results, as you can see, were pretty perfect. Still good colour, dry crisp flesh and – wow – so much concentrated heat! I tried the smallest possible little crumb I could physically cut off with a knife (pinhead amount) and it was mouth numbing.

I’ll dry them in batches, as they come to ripeness, and nothing will be wasted. I was also thinking of making some chili oil. I’ll give pepper spray a miss.

Posted by Kurma on 18/4/09; 2:33:50 PM

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