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Received this letter from DM who attended both my classes at Sticky Rice Cooking School last week.

“Dear Kurma, Thank you for the wonderful whole experience and taste sensation of sumptuous, exquisite Indian feasting.

My taste buds are awakened, my being is clearer. You asked me which day I preferred. The first day! On the first day I ate of the food of God’s table, food as I had never before tasted. At the same time I knew I am eating God, as the Creator and giver of the food.

I believe the food to be enhanced by the participation and balance of energies between the males and females. Hence, there was more creativity, fire, co-creating and intention by all in this divine food.

My pathway through life is now enhanced with pure vegetarian spice infused, healthy food. I am presently designing my first sustainable home with 3 acres of native flora and fauna, and organic fruit and veg. Blessings, DM.”

Posted by Kurma on 7/2/09; 6:39:15 AM

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