Bunbury Bash

Here’s a few photos of last week’s class at Aspenz Cooking School, Bunbury Western Australia. I had some problems publishing the photos. All fixed now.

big pots of bliss:

Our first tasting was moghul-style cumin infused basmati rice, made all the more fragrant with fresh ginger, cloves and cinnamon, some raisins and fresh green peas, and a drizzle of ghee. Alongside that we served a dish of eggplants and fresh cubes of roasted panir folded through with a spicy reduction of tomatoes and green chilies, and just a hint of garam masala.

delicious oven-roasted cauliflower:

I drizzled olive oil and sea salt on crispy cauliflower florets and oven-roasted them until golden and fragrant. Then I stir-fried and briefly steamed some snow peas, folded through the cauliflowers, sprinkled on a spray of freshly-cracked black peppercorns, drizzled in some sweet chili sauce and a dollop of sour cream, strew some fresh coriander, and there was our second tasting for the evening, served with hot poories.

looking and cooking:

All the while our class were in rapt attention, enjoying, learning, feasting and laughing, and finally buying cookbooks by the dozen.

A splendid night!

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