Bride of Chakki


N from Brisbane asks:

“How to make rice chakki? It looks like ‘Jalebi’.”

Kurma answers:

“I have no idea. Any expert Indian housewives out there that can shed some light?”

Posted by Kurma on 20/1/09; 5:08:56 PM

Comments in response to this post:
The author (“N from Brisbane”) may have meant Chakli, which is made from rice, or rice mixed with some pulses (urad dal). It is a salty snack, deep fried, and shaped like a jalebi.However, the Chakli (Chakali) is shaped prior to deep frying, unlike the jalebi that is shaped when the batter is dropped into the frying pan.

Ramdas • 22/1/09; 12:29:44 AM

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