Berry Good

I spent a pleasant Sunday cooking with a team of ‘boys and girls’ in Berry, a groovy little town down south from Sydney.

berry watch:

Jeanne (above, top row, third from right) and Sandra (above, bottom right) and I had been corresponding about this for the last year. It was Jeanne that finally ‘ran with the ball’ and arranged everything – the venue (her lovely home in the woods), and the crew (her yoga friends, and friends of friends).

they came in through the kitchen window:

Some of the girls decided to get a better view of the fresh cheese as it pressed itself to perfection.

pressing business:

A granite mortar makes a great panir-cheese press.

tuscan cabbage:

One of the girls brought in a huge basket of Tuscan Cabbage, one of my all-time favourite vegies. I brought some home.

berry good feast:

The feast, as usual, was memorable. A truly groaning banquet table.

frog in aloe vera:

As this tired little Kurma loaded his luggage into the car to the train station, I espied some frogs in the Aloe Vera. Farewell froggies, farewell Berry. Such is my Minestrone life…
Posted by Kurma on 9/11/09

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