Beanz Meanz…


Melodyrose from Australia writes:

“After reading your blog you mentioned you had Borlotti beans in the freezer ready to be used. Currently I have 2 bags of dried Borlotti beans and they need to be used up – any suggestions?”

My suggestion: Soak them, drain them, add to a large saucepan, cover with fresh cold unsalted water, simmer them until tender with some bay leaves, a small piece of cinnamon stick, some small shavings of ginger and a few branches of fresh herb like sage, rosemary or oregano. Extract the tender beans from their gravy (or leave them in) and then freeze them in small ziplock bags. When ready to use, thaw or add them straight to soups, pasta, stews, casseroles, make bean salads, or make homemade baked beans with them.

Maybe some readers can suggest more to do with these delicious beans…

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