Another Week Passes By

The time factor is truly amazing. A quarter of March has passed me by in the blink of an eye. The weekend was once again stuffed full of cooking and teaching fun, from daybreak to nightfall.

Saturday was spent at Govinda’s in Darlinghurst. From the booking list it was looking like the smallest class ever, so Pratapana, the Main Man, persuaded me to cut my shopping list down by 60%. By class time, however, we had over 10 extra attendees, and the biggest class ever. The amazing thing was, there was ample lunch for all.

Peggy - Armed and Dangerous:

Peggy has scooped out a whole batch of anise-scented doughnuts with my all-time favourite scooper-thingy.

Annie Get Your Spoon:

What better final resting place for all those doughnuts than a giant vat of fresh berries and Greek-style yogurt? Annie strikes a charming pose with spoon.

Govinda's deja vu:

Seems like I’ve been here before. Same place, different time and a whole different crew. Cookery class number #3000 is looming. Is that what they call an “illustrious career?” Well, at least I’ve found my niche.

Beachside Bliss:

Sunday’s class was a surprise. It was actually held beachside on the boardwalk adjoining Rose Bay harbour – my first ever outdoor class! That’s Scott chopping the macadamias for the pesto.

On The Boardwalk:

Maxine, Jackie and Willow absorb themselves in mis-en-place as looming storm clouds rumble over Sydney Harbour. A few raindrops fell into my hot wok of frying oil (it was a vegan class) in the concluding moments of the afternoon session.

Soon after the class was over and I was safely home, those massive black rainclouds opened up over the eastern suburbs. In fact, Rose Bay was inundated for 5 hours, recording the highest rainfall in the whole of New South Wales. Cracker timing old chap, say what!

Posted by Kurma on 9/3/09; 9:38:21 AM

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