A Glut of Lemons

freshly picked eureka lemons:

Subhadra Kumari from Delhi wrote:

“I want to ask you one question: how we can keep lemon juice for long time to use, as now it’s the season of lemons and we can get lemons in good cheap price. We want to store lemon juice for a long time so we can use later on. So is there any specific mathod or preservative? Whenever I tried to keep it stored at home it always spoiled after 10-15 days. What to do?”

Kurma replied:

“There are only two practical ways I know of keeping freshly squeezed lemon juice without using nasty chemicals.

1. Squeeze the juice and freeze it. I do it myself. Firstly collect the juice, strain it, then pour it carefully into freezer ice-cube moulds. You may wish to purchase a few extra. When the lemon juice cubes are frozen, pop them out and store in tighly sealed plastic zip-lock bags or plastic containers with lids in the freezer. Each cube can then be accessed and put into dishes at your convenience. You may wish to note how much juice fitted into each section of the freezer mould, (for example, 1/2 lemon, or measure it in millilitres, fluid ounces or tablespoons) so you can accurately use the cubes in recipes later.

2. Add sugar to the lemon juice (say one part lemon juice and one part sugar) and boil to make a lemonade syrup. You may wish to thinly peel some skin from the lemons and add this to the syrup to make a very flavoursome concentrate. The syrup can then be bottled, sealed and sterilized and put in the pantry, or simply refrigerated and used for homemade lemonade whenever it is required. Just add water and ice!”

Any more ideas, exalted readers?

Posted by Kurma on 3/1/09; 7:39:14 AM

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