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straight and narrow:

I’m off to the national capital Canberra by bus – a comfy non-stop journey. I’ll be snuggling down to some transcendental Ipod delights on the way.

In my opinion, three-and-a-half pleasant hours on the highway is a superior and vastly cheaper choice to an overcrowded airport gefuffle, being crammed into a plane at an ungodly, pressurised altitude.


A Saturday morning demonstration class is on my weekend menu. Demonstration classes differ from hands-on classes. As the name suggests, the guests (rather than participants) will be sitting and watching me cook, and tasting each course as it comes their way. Tiered seating plus a mirror over the cooking arena gives a great view for all.

full house at CCC:

I’m trying out a new menu, based on a tapas theme. Tapas is the name of a wide variety of appetizers, or snacks, in Spanish cuisine. They may be cold or warm.

Outside of Spain, tapas has evolved into an entire cuisine. Patrons of tapas restaurants can order many different tapas and combine them to make a full meal. The serving of tapas is designed to encourage conversation where people are not so focused upon eating an entire meal that is set before them.

The word ‘tapas’ is derived from the Spanish verb tapar, ‘to cover.’ The connection is a whole other story, too lengthy for this blog.

spring rolls:

Our menu:

Vegetarian World Tapas

North Indian-style Butter-soft Chickpeas in Spicy Tomato Glaze,
Sicilian Eggplant Appetiser (Caponata) served with toasted Turkish Bread,
Feta, Haloumi & Potato Spring Rolls with Green Pea Chutney,
Tex-Mex Hot Cheddar & Jalapeno Chili Biscuits,
Oven-Roasted Cauliflower & Stir-fried Snow Peas with Cashews,
Mango & Cream Wonton ‘Sandwiches’.


This style of class is a challenge. Three hours of simultaneous entertaining, educating, communicating, and of course quality cooking of 6 tastings for 40, all with non-stop-banter, requires the utmost concentration and professionalism. As always, I’ll give it my best shot.

Oh, there’s a few vacancies. Here’s the details:

Cooking Co-ordinates Cookery School,
Belconnen, Canberra ACT,
Morning Workshop, Saturday 24 October,
Bookings call 02 6253 5133.

Posted by Kurma on 23/10/09; 2:57:12 AM

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