Wingam Weekend

Here’s some vision from my Saturday class in Wingham – my fourth in this charming New South Wales Mid North Coast town. It was a semi hands-on, semi demonstration class, and it worked very well.

keep them dawgies rollin':

Rolling potato balls stuffed with chili and ginger, fresh coconut, coriander and a hint of chopped raisins ready to be battered and fried to crispy perfection.

friends from Forster:

These six friends drove a substantial distance to be at the class.

This was our menu, by the way:

“Classics from the Subcontinent”

South Indian Mustard-infused Lemon Rice with Cashews & Fresh Coconut
Classic Fresh Panir Cheese with Spinach & Cream (Palak Panir)
Herbed Fresh Tomato and Yogurt Salad (Raita)
Crispy Battered Potato Puffs (Aloo Vadas) with Fresh Mint Chutney
Gujarati Fenugreek-scented Pumpkin Curry with Flame-toasted Pappadams
Succulent Saffron Milk Dumplings in Rose, Cardamom and Star-Anise (Gulab Jamuns)

We served all that in four separate tastings, with cooking in between, over 4 hours, as per the demonstration style. Students sat while I cooked, but the added hands-on meant more interaction and fun. That mixed style of presentation doesn’t work in every kitchen, but it sure did in this one.

palak panir pastimes:

A bit of help with the final stages of cooking our freshly made farm-milk panir with spinach and cream.

Kurma Groupies:

Andrew and Jenny have attended every one of my classes at Wingham and derive newer and newer inspiration each time. And yes, everyone chose to eat standing up, so I went with it.

In fact Andrew just wrote me:

“Dear Kurma, Thanks for a great class on Saturday. Jenny and I came home enthusing about the dishes we ate. The gulab jamuns were sublime!!!! I made the lemon rice dish tonight and had it with a potato dish and a raita. Yes I’m inspired; so thanks again and keep up the great work with your blog and web site. Regards Andrew”.
Posted by Kurma on 31/8/08; 4:48:43 PM

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