Why Not Every Scientist Worships at Darwin’s Feet

the origins of Charles Darwin:

Why not every scientist worships at Darwin’s feet
John Lennox, The Age
August 18, 2008

Next year marks the 150th anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin’s ‘On The Origin Of Species’. The momentous occasion will be celebrated with new books, articles, documentaries and editorials. One commentator has called for a public holiday in Britain to honour Darwin – the “humble Shrewsbury family man who changed the world forever”.

Scattered among the world’s top scientists are those who do believe in a conscious intention behind nature’s processes. I think of people such as Francis Collins, director of the Human Genome Project, and Professor Bill Phillips, winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1997.

The presence of such people poses awkward questions for the view that evolutionary theory and a sophisticated scientific brain lead inexorably towards atheism. There must be more to the so-called “science versus God” story than this.

Indeed, the fact that there are brilliant scientists who believe in God and brilliant scientists who don’t makes it clear that the conflict is not a simplistic one between science and religion, but between opposing world views – naturalism and theism.

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