Where You Bin?

Who, me? I’ve been to Wauchope, up Northern Central Coastal New South Wales sort of way. And back. By train (groaaaan).

No, the travel wasn’t too bad, and I got to hear many hours of music and discourse from my 20 gigabytes Mp3 collection via some pretty nifty Bose headphones.

The weekend of cookery fun at the well-appointed Company Farm in Wauchope went wonderfully well. Here’s our teams from day #1 and day #2, taken before and after the classes.

the usual suspects, day one:

wauchope lunch day one:

the usual suspects, day two:

wauchope lunch day two:

I chose not to photograph our teams after dinner, since they would have looked a little, er, stuffed. And as far as photos of the students in action in the kitchen, well I just plain forgot to take them.

Lyn Withers, my gracious host and facilitator for the weekend did take some, so maybe I’ll post them later in the week.
Posted by Kurma on 1/7/08; 6:58:38 AM

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