What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

A Happy New Year to all my readers!

You’ve made it through the festive season; and maybe you’ve eaten a little too much of the foods you know are not very good for you.

For those of you that have not yet mustered the resolute determination to eschew meat, perhaps now might be a good time to update your dietary choices.

The Sydney Morning Herald published this article just before Christmas.

cancer institute:

Meat Linked to Lung Cancer: Study

December 11, 2007

“People who eat a lot of red meat and processed meats have a higher risk of several types of cancer, including lung cancer and colorectal cancer, US researchers say.

The work is the first big study to show a link between meat and lung cancer.

It also shows that people who eat a lot of meat have a higher risk of liver and esophageal cancer and that men raise their risk of pancreatic cancer by eating red meat…”

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