Vegan Feasts with Kurma

I’m receiving more and more requests for dairy-free cookery classes.

Here’s some latest menus I’ve added to my list. Feel free to contact me if you feel like whipping up one of these banquets with a group of friends, anywhere in Australia.

team rujak manis:

Best of Vegan Indian Cuisine

Sweet & Sour Chana Dal Soup with Pumpkin
Zesty Lemon Rice with Fresh Coconut & Cashews
Tomato, Peas and Potato Curry
Assorted Crisp Vegetable Fritters (Pakoras)
Hot & Spicy Apple Chutney
Fresh herb-laced Garden Salad
Saffron Semolina Halava Pudding with Flaked Almonds & Cardamom
Hot Spiced Tea (Masala Chai)

The Global Vegan

Fiery South Indian Toor-dal Soup (Rasam)
Canadian Orange-infused Pecan and Wild Rice Pilaf
BBQ Asparagus with Semi-dried Tomato & Macadamia Chutney
South Indian Cauliflower & Potato Poriyal
Succulent Mixed Vegetable Balls in Herbed Tomato Sauce (Kofta)
Lemon-infused Dubai-style Salad of Fresh Date, Toasted Turkish Bread & Herbs
Smoky Lebanese Eggplant Dip (Babagannouj)
Epiphany Doughnuts in Lemon-scented Rose & Orange-Blossom Syrup

The Vegan Feast

Syrian Roast Pepper, Pomegranate & Walnut Dip (Muhammara)
Sesame Sushi Rice in Fried Tofu Pouches (Inari-zushi)
Curried Malay Noodles Supreme (Laksa)
Saudi Baharat-scented Chickpeas with Spinach (Hoummos bi Sabanik)
Spicy Potato Puffs (Aloo Vadas)
Succulent Eggplant Pickles
North Indian Lime & Mustard-infused Cabbage, Coconut & Peanut Salad (Kobi Pachadi)
Indonesian Fruit Platter with Hot and Sweet Sauce (Rujak Manis)

Posted by Kurma on 29/3/08; 7:28:06 AM

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