Time to Saddle-up

Dr. Richard L. Thompson:

Dear readers, I’ve been unable to publish any blogs for the last few days. It’s not that I don’t have a few things lying in my ‘Create News Item’ box; its just that I didn’t think discussing the Tamil name for tempe is all that important, in light of some recent developments.

What developments?

A couple of my peers – Godbrothers we call them in the Hare Krishna Movement – died in the last week. They were Sadaputa Dasa and Sundararupa Dasa. I did not know either of them personally, though I read many of the brilliant books authored by Sadaputa (Dr. Richard L. Thompson – pictured above).

What really hit me was that both of these men were just a couple of years older than me. When men practically your own age start leaving, you become more thoughtful about your own life plans, and consider priorities more carefully.

Once upon a time, a Lawyer was brought before Yamaraja, The Lord of Death. He challenged Yamaraja’s right to bring him to The Court of Death since he had been given no notice. According to the law, pointed out the Lawyer, one must be first notified of one’s forthcoming detention.

Yamaraja’s reply to the Lawyer was unexpected. “What colour is your hair?” he asked.

“Grey” replied the Lawyer.

“Precisely” answered Yamaraja. “Your notice of impending death has been given”.

So, as Godbrother and email aquaintance Babhru Dasa so poignantly pointed out in succinct cowboy-speak, it’s ‘time to saddle up’.

Much was written about these men via in-house correspondence, but one drew my attention especially. I’d like to share it with you, if I may. It’s a good read.

Read: In Memoriam – A Quantum Loss” by Jayadvaita Swami…
Posted by Kurma on 25/9/08; 11:47:01 AM

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