Through The Cracks

These photos fell through the cyber cracks and didn’t make it to my report from last weekend’s cookery class in Wingham, Northern New South Wales.

potato vada with mint chutney, tomato raita and flame toasted pappadam:

Battered Fresh Coconut, Raisin, Ginger and Coriander-stuffed Potato Vada with Chili and-lime-laced Fresh Mint Chutney, Herbed Tomato Raita and Flame-toasted Pappadam.

palak panir with lemon, cashew and fresh coconut basmati rice:

Cream-laced Spinach and Fresh Seared Panir (Palak Panir) with Mustard and Urad Dal-scented Lemon & Roasted Cashew Basmati Rice.

gulabs a'fryin:

Our batch of milk fudge balls (Gulab Jamuns) frying in fresh ghee before being plunged into syrup.

the gulab jamun that ate wingham:

Ahoy, thar she blows! The Great Brown Whale! It’s the veritable Moby Dick of Confectionery. A succulent, spongy Gulab Jamun, submerged in a heavy cassia, star-anise, rose and cardamon sugar syrup. Heaven in a teacup!
Posted by Kurma on 7/9/08; 5:49:22 AM

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