Three Days at Mangrove Mountain

The kitchens of the peaceful Satyananda Ashram were a’flurry with all sounds culinary for my three-day cooking workshops. Here’s our crew for day one.

Day #1 at Satyananda Yoga:

We were cooking for an evening meal of 60 hungry karma-yogis, hence our generous salad leaf quantities.

Gyanmurti and Leela's Giant Rocket:

Our Syrian pomegranate and walnut dip required roasted red peppers, here expertly blackened over a naked flame by Govinda and Leela.

Leela and Govinda roast peppers:

Peeling oven-roasted peanuts for the North-Indian Cabbage Salad is fun when there’s a few of you doing it at once.

peanut duty:

Julie (second from left) brought a group of friends from Berry, a small town in New South Wales, to help with cut-up duties.

The Berry Babes:

Jacqui baked some phenomenal loaves of bread.

Jacqui's bread:

The kitchen was a pleasure to cook in. This giant Brat Pan, here attended to by Veda, was the ideal vessel to prepare cashew and cardamom-laced carrot halava, which cooked to perfection in record time.

Veda stirs the Carrot Halava:

A splendid time was had by all!
Posted by Kurma on 26/5/08; 9:07:26 AM

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