The Year My Life Changed Forever

My sister has been blitzing me with old family photos, freshly scanned by her daughter Lan-tien.

This photo has a special significance for me. Apart from having never seen it (!) it was taken the month I first met the Krishna devotees – September 1970. I was seventeen and had started to visit the tiny store-front temple in Oxford Street Paddington.

Kurma September 1970:

I tasted the wonderful sanctified temple food (prasadam) for the first time, and was hooked. I started chanting the Hare Krishna mantra on big green wooden beads that my friend Mark and I bought in a ‘Head Shop’ in Kings Cross.

I’d pick frangipani flowers from the tree in our front yard and take them to the temple as an offering.

Sweet memories indeed!
Posted by Kurma on 5/1/08; 4:47:12 PM

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