The Warrandyte Wave

It’s a crisp Sydney morning, and I’m recovering from a week of ecstatic teaching. I headed off a week ago for Satyananda Ashram in the forests of Mangrove mountain. The karma yogis and Sanyasis there were a pleasure to work with – disciplined, hard-working and kind. My photo report of that event is lower down this page.

After a day back in Sydney to re-pack, I flew off to Melbourne, spending the night in my all-time favourite abode, the beautiful Melbourne Hare Krishna Temple in Albert Park. It was an icy 2 degrees as the taxi came to pick me up for my drive to Warrandyte and the home of Alison (below, centre) for an ebullient all-girl cookery event organised by the incorrigible Narelle (below, to Alison’s left)

doing the warrandye wave:

This is what we cooked, and ate.

The South Asian Shared Table

Classic Basmati Rice Pulao
Hearty Split Mung Dal with Seasonal Vegetables
Served with Grilled Turkish Bread
Seared Chili Panir Cheese Steaks on a Bed of Sweet Potato Mash
Served with Balsamic-drenched Fresh Rocket Salad
Mild Karnataka-style Poriyal of Cauliflower, Potato and Peas
Served with Flame-toasted Pappadams, Lemon Wedges & Yogurt
Malaysian Curry Puffs
Served with Hot and Sweet Tomato Chutney
Creamy Cardamom-infused Condensed Yogurt Dessert
With Pistachios & Saffron Syrup (Shrikhand)

proud panir:

Our spicy chili-seared fresh panir steaks made from rich unpasteurised milk was one of many delights. Served on a bed of buttery sweet-potato mash and balsamic-drenched peppery wild rocket leaves, it was a taste sensation.

But wait – there’s more. This was only one of 5 days of kitchen bliss…
Posted by Kurma on 26/5/08; 9:09:36 AM

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