The Turtle Cometh

My daughter Joelene recently published photos on Facebook of an awesome kitchen odyssey.

baking duo:

Describing it as “the longest 3 days of my life”, Joelene, along with her trusty baking assistant/son Toby, started the journey with a standard caramel mud cake.

stage one turtle:

Cut to size, the turtle was born.

stage two trutle:

A bit of filling out, and a quick spray-paint.

the turtle cometh:

And here he is, fully grown after a three-day gestation. The occasion was Joelene’s grandmother’s 80th birthday. Joelene had to turn away as the cake was cut. I guess it was like saying goodbye to a old friend…

hard to believe it's a cake:

That’s not sand, it’s crushed bikkies! (note to US readers: bikkies is Australian for cookies). Bravo!! Her Facebook posting was inundated with messages of awe at the amazing result. Understandably so.
Posted by Kurma on 13/11/08; 9:32:54 AM

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