The Road to Launching Place

the road to Launching Place:

The import of today’s blog title becomes clear when I tell you that I fly to Melbourne late morning, then catch a train east to Lilydale, and a car to the beautiful Yarra Valley, home to such picturesque-sounding places as Woori Yallock, Mount Donna Buang and Launching Place.

where I'm going:

I think it’s going to be a chilly weekend for a cookery class. It was -1 degrees C this morning in the region. There’s snow on top of Donna Buang, and in the indiginous Wurundjeri language, Woori Yallock means ‘cold, wet and windy’. Yeah, that would be right; so I’m packing my new hemp trackkies and some extra socks.

My trusty Canon accompanies me, so I can share with you, yet again, some ‘Kodak moments’.
Posted by Kurma on 25/7/08; 2:43:22 AM

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