The Passing Away of Gita


The other day I received a letter from a reader asking me about how Hare Krishna devotee farmers treat their male calves, since in ‘everyday’ dairying, male calves are usually sent to slaughter.

And what about old cows and bulls, she asked? How are they cared for?

This morning I read a striking article by Balabhadra dasa, a Hare Krishna farmer in Moundsville, West Virginia. There is no doubt in my mind that saintly farmers like Balabhadra are setting a wonderful example to the world as to how we should treat our bovine friends.

“Last night strong winds were carrying warm air while they moved billowy clouds swiftly across the sky. As I walked to and from the barns, it felt like someone was turning on and off a floodlight until I realized it was the clouds passing over the white bright moon.

The stars were very bright in the sky, often covered by the clouds. There was a presence in the night: the wind personified to bring Gita away as he thrust his head into the air and opened his mouth…”

Read the whole story about Gita the ox
Posted by Kurma on 20/2/08; 3:53:07 AM

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