The Morning After

Firstly I bow at the feet of the Queen of Tarts, Deva Mirel, of Sabjimata fame. Since she’s ‘jammin’ away in the US of A’, I can safely make and blog about my jars of fruity delights here in Sydney without encroaching on her sticky territory. It’s a big world.

So big in fact that while I even placed an order to pursue plentiful pots of her pectin-laced peccadillos, postage costs made that a sugar-induced reverie only – alas!

When I opened the fridge this morning to survey the left-overs from Day of the Relos, I espied a lonesome punnet of strawberries. When I see fruit, I see jam. Can’t help it. You know what I mean, Deva dd?

jam 1: Slice the berries

jam 2: Splash of water + cook a little

jam 3: Raw sugar is added

jam 4: Cook over full heat

jam 5: Remove when ‘just right’

jam6: Ready for storage
Posted by Kurma on 16/6/08; 9:31:04 AM

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