The Dangers of Aspartame – Urban Myth or Wake-up Call?

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On September 30, 1980, a public Board of Inquiry advised against the approval of aspartame, stating:

“The Board has not been presented with proof of a reasonable certainty that aspartame (NutraSweet) is safe for use as a food additive under its intended conditions of use.” In 1981, however, the FDA approved aspartame for consumer use based on studies that seem tainted by heavy financial interest in its approval.

To many medical practitioners and consumer interest groups, the approval was a gross betrayal of public trust.

“To think that there is even a reasonable doubt that aspartame can induce brain tumors in the American population is frightening. And to think that the FDA has lulled them into a false sense of security is a monumental crime,” writes Dr. Russell L. Blaylock in Excitotoxins.

In 2005, twenty-five years after the initial Board of Inquiry’s caution against approval, numerous adults and children consume aspartame-sweetened products on a daily basis, despite reservations regarding its safety.

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