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maggie beer and simon bryant:

Far be it for me to blow my own trumpet (is that laughter I hear?). Still, I’d like to share this morsel of news with you:

Aficionados of Australian television cookery shows will be very familiar with ABC TV’s excellent series, The Cook and the Chef.

Series producer Mark Stanforth called me the other day and invited me to be a guest presenter on a segment scheduled to go to air on episode four of the 2009 series (on March 4). Cooking icon Maggie Beer & Chef and cookery teacher Simon Bryant will be cooking and talking vegetarianism in that episode. The Kurma segment will be filmed at one of my classes at the Sticky Rice Cookery School at Stirling in the Adelaide Hills, and at Adelaide’s Radha Krishna Temple in Kilburn.

Incidently, Simon regularly frequented Govinda’s Restaurant in Adelaide for a number of years, and he’s certainly no stranger to vegetarian cuisine, spirituality, Hare Krishna food, and my cookbooks.
Posted by Kurma on 5/11/08; 7:17:18 PM

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