Season’d with Love

Oh, better no doubt is a dinner of herbs,
When season’d with love, which no rancour disturbs
And sweeten’d by all that is sweetest in life
Than turbot, bisque, ortolans, eaten in strife!

But if, out of humour, and hungry, alone
A man should sit down to dinner, each one
Of the dishes which the cook chooses to spoil
With a horrible mixture of garlic and oil,
The chances are ten against one, I must own,
He gets up as ill-tempered as when he sat down.

– Lord Lytton (Edward Robert Bulwer Lytton) (“Owen Meredith”)
Source: Lucile (pt. I, canto II, st. 27)

Posted by Kurma on 31/8/08; 4:50:57 PM

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