Searching for Masala Chai

chai for two:

Zoe from Wellington, New Zealand writes:

“Hi Kurma, A friend recently introduced me to your website, and I love it! Thank you for much for compiling such a useful online resource for vegetarians. Do you have a recipe for masala chai please? I recently tried it for the first time at the Higher Taste restaurant and I’d like to try making it at home. Many thanks.”

I replied:

“Hello Zoe. Yes, go to the SEARCH box on the top right hand corner of the blog home page (this page, readers) and key in ‘masala chai’. Scroll down and choose your recipe. Enjoy the site. Thanks so much for your encouraging words.”

Hey there blog readers… Just so you can learn how to do it, I purposely didn’t link to the recipe. Go to the search box, and try it yourself. Yes you, go on, scroll up, move those fingers. You can’t remain a blog couch potato forever.
Posted by Kurma on 17/10/08; 2:14:21 PM

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