Sculpture by the Sea

Ever since daylight savings kicked-in here a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been seriously behind in my daily morning walks; the tinkering with time really threw my body clock off kilter.

So today, even though it looked like rain, I took off shortly after sunrise for what would normally be my favourite 1.5 hour Sydney Eastern Suburbs coastal walk – down Military Road from my house in Dover Heights to Bondi Beach, then up around the spectacular cliffside walking paths, past a few beaches, then back.

By the time I reached the coast I remembered that I was right in the middle of Sydney’s 12th annual Sculpture by the Sea festival. The 2 kilometres from Bondi to Tamarama is dotted with over 100 sculptures from around the world, set against the beautiful backdrop of the Tasman Sea.

sculpture #1:

My walk stretched on for close to 4 hours, and I met a few interesting people on the way. This little boy is made entirely from blocks of carved glass.

sculpture #2:

Andy Warhol is woven from wire.

sculpture #3:

Our giant soldier was cast from metal, then artfully coated with a green plastic skin. He resembled one of the little plastic soldiers I used to collect when I was young, only bigger.
Posted by Kurma on 20/10/08; 6:27:13 PM

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