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Ravinarayan from Shimoga, Karnataka, India writes:

“My query is regarding the use of cooked food for long time or till what time the cooked food maintains its nutrition and it is satvic?”

fresh produce:

My reply:

“It depends completely on the type of food. Soups, dals and rice, vegetable dishes and salads and generally most fresh cooked foods that are served hot would only be satvic for a brief few hours before they start to deteriorate. Reheating these foods is tamasic.

Other things like pickles and chutneys and jams and syrups and other things like long-life sweets and breads would be in a different category.

Foods that have been sanctified, called prasadam have a special effect on the human organism; sometimes even old prasadam is appreciated and relished. The ability to do this depends on one’s level of spiritual development.

But for optimum daily health, fresh is best. In many ancient traditional cultures such as India and China etc, the ladies shop 2 or 3 times a day and buy fresh, cook, and do not keep anything leftover in the fridge or freezer; these are all nasty tamasic habits.

According to our lifestyle though, we may not be able to fully apply this at all times. But the bottom line is this: Refrigerators, despite their great convenience and ability to counter growth of pathogens, are indirectly the cause of many modern diseases; we have grown lazy and eat many, many unfresh, pre-cooked items – all rather hard on the digestion, according to Ayurveda. And compromised digestion is ‘the mother of all disease’. Hope this helps.”
Posted by Kurma on 2/5/08; 5:09:17 AM

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